To know the art through its representations: in nature, in food or in fashion. Discover the secrets of an area by solving small enigmas, like a true detective of the past. Acquire pre-industrial technology skills on the manufacture of glass, or perhaps technical-manual skills for the creation of a stage costume. These are just some of the dozens of opportunities offered by “Edukids” 2015/2016, a catalog of educational workshops for children and youngsters proposed by the Museums of the Valdelsa Fiorentina, which will be sent in the next few days to all schools and accommodation facilities in the area.

The catalog aims to put together the numerous laboratory activities that are periodically proposed by the various museums of the Valdelsa to make known to an ever wider public the wealth of the museum heritage of the territory.

Therefore, the natural recipients of the catalog are schools and tour operators: not only to disseminate these opportunities among the school population, but also to encourage the interest of the many “small tourists” (Italians or foreigners) who will stay in Valdelsa during the summertime.

The laboratory activities are aimed at both children and young people, with diversified proposals for age groups and also in a foreign language. The aim of the project, which involves the museums of Castelfiorentino, Certaldo, Gambassi Terme, Montaione and Montespertoli, is also to create precious synergies between the various activities and an overall knowledge of the historical and artistic heritage of the whole Valdelsa.
Catalog “EduKids” 2015/2016 Project

Catalog “EduKids” 2015/2016 Project