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Every citizen interested in the activities that the Pro Loco of Certaldo carries out, can become a member. Anyone can become a member of the Pro Loco by going to our office and paying an annual contribution of € 10.00 which gives the right to the national card “Unpli Card”, to active participation in the association and elective office.

In addition to active participation in the allocation, the Pro Loco card offers discounts at partner companies. In particular, the “Unpli Card” provides for a 13% discount on Fondiaria – SAI, Milano Assicurazioni and Allianz TPL policies.

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Proloco Certaldo

is a voluntary local association of public interest, democratic and non-partisan, non-profit, aimed at the promotion and protection of our country, both to conserve and enhance the environmental resources and cultural, both to improve the characteristics and conditions for social and tourism development.