The Pro Certaldo Tourist Association (commonly known as Pro Loco) is a voluntary local association of public interest, democratic and non-partisan, non-profit, aimed at the promotion and protection of our country, both to conserve and enhance the environmental resources and cultural, both to improve the characteristics and conditions for social and tourism development.

The aims that the Pro Loco has as a social object are:

  • Promote the village of Certaldo, proposing all those initiatives aimed at protecting and enhancing natural beauty as well as cultural, historical and environmental heritage;
  • Organize initiatives (excursions, shows, exhibitions, celebrations, and / or events, etc. ..) that serve to attract and make more pleasant the stay of tourists and the best quality of life of residents;
  • Collaborate and develop with the institutions and associations activities in the social and voluntary sector, aimed at promoting solidarity and social aggregation.

The Pro Loco of Certaldo adheres to the U. N. P. L. I. (National Union Pro Loco of Italy) and the Regional Committee of the Pro Loco of Tuscany, in compliance with the Statute and regulations U. N. P. L. I.

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